Personal Income Tax Returns

Did you know SARS can owe you MONEY even though you earn under R350K p/a ?

If you have registered for efilling:

You need to provide us with your efilling logon details also we need any medical aid\RA\Investment tax certificates from the past year and any other medical or business expenses you incurred out of pocket. If you have the above please complete the following : (If not please scroll down for further instructions)

If you have not yet registered for efilling :

Please follow the below link and get registered. once register forward your details and documents to us. Please send these to

If you have lost or forgotten your details, contact SARS on 0800 00 7277 and they will gladly reset your details and send them to you.

We will contact you once the return has been completed and if we require any further information. We will also forward you an invoice that is due for payment only once you have been paid out by SARS.

Our fees work as below.

R300 for a refund below R2000

R500 for a refund below R5000.

10% for a refund above R5000.


Once your refund has been released, if its due, we will let you know and request that payment is made as soon as its in your account. We need this as we need to close your file as soon as possible.

Please note that if payment is not made within the stipulated time frame we will reverse the transaction and SARS will reverse the payment from your account.

For any queries please contact us on (032) 943 1008 or email

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